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Answering: Prophet Robbed Quraysh Conveys

This is taken from “” Before the events of September 11, the attacking of Islam was different than it was after the event. Before September 11, people were always attacking Muslims, but not Islam. They would always say that Muslims don’t understand their religion that’s why they do wrong things. After the events of September … Continue reading

Answering: Islam Spread by Sword

This is taken from “” The most common misconception about Islam that is always used against it, is that Islam was spread by the sword.This is ironic because Islam is primarily based on freedom of religion. One of the most important verses addressing freedom of religion in the Qur’an is verse 256 in Al Baqarah … Continue reading

Answering: Women Status in Islam

This is taken from A woman who recently embraced Islam in scotland told me that she was invited for dinner at a non Muslim friend’s house to introduce her to her fiancee. They had a conversation about Islam,and the Muslim lady kept talking about how Islam doesn’t discriminate against women and how it considers … Continue reading

Answering: Jihad and Terrorism Part 2

This was taken from In 2005, around 150 world leaders gathered at the United Nations in order to define the word “terrorism”. After 2 days, the conference ended without anyone defining the meaning of the word. Instead what they said is a definition isn’t necessary because everyone already knows what terrorism  is. The truth … Continue reading